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Experience unrivaled access to a support system comprised
of licensed TFC Physical Therapist and Fitness Professionals

  • » Size Olympic Lap Pool
  • » Free supervised childcare
  • » Physical Therapy Clinic
  • » Free aerobic and aquatic classes
  • » Whirlpool Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Saunas
  • » Free Physical Therapy Screenings
  • » Free personal training consultation
  • » Weight room, Cardio Center, Pro-shops
  • » Unlimited facility access during operating hours
  • » Access to all three locations

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As you continue to search for ways to control the high costs of healthcare, consider a healthy tip
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Our Concept

Our childcare professionals are integral to our unique approach, a "family focused" system of healthcare and fitness. Our childcare professionals create an enriched, safe environment where kids love to go.

Total Fitness Connection is here to serve you! This means healthy families living healthy lives. Here at TFC we believe in the saying, “knowledge is power!” It’s our vision that, as your child becomes more familiar with exercise and nutrition a healthy lifestyle will emerge. TFC Childcare is only the beginning. "Fit kids" active exercise programs and sports specific training programs provide a learning enriched environment to develop skills and abilities or exercise activities through play!

Rules & Regulations

1. Total Fitness Connection’s child care room is provided for children 3 months of age to 10 years.

2. There is a daily time limit of 1 ½ hours. You are responsible for picking up your child/children at the end of the 1 ½ hrs or the closing of childcare, whichever comes first.

3. No gum is allowed at any time. Children may bring drinks with lids but no food will be allowed in the childcare room. 

4. Childcare is for children of members only. If extenuating circumstances arise please get approval from the director.

5. Children are not allowed in the gym area at any time without supervision. 

6. Children may only be left in the childcare while the parent is in the facility. If a parent needs to leave for any reason, the children must be taken with them.

7. Parents may not leave to tan while their children are in childcare.

8. The same parent that signed the child/children in must sign them out as well. If a different parent or person needs to pick up the child/children then a release form must be filled out by the person that signed them in. The employee will ask for identification.

9. Sick children will not be allowed to stay in the childcare room. 

10. Diapers and pull-ups are not changed. You will be called from your workout to change your child.

11. Childcare employees do not assist children in the restroom. You will be called from your workout if your child needs to use the restroom and can’t fully do it by him or herself.

12. If a problem with a child occurs, such as excessive crying, bad behavior (throwing objects, hitting, kicking, etc.) the parent will be notified and asked to remove the child from the facility. 

*Total Fitness Connection reserves the right to refuse a child if the policies and procedures are not followed. 

*As a childcare service, it is our responsibility to supervise your children and keep them safe in your absence. It is not our responsibility to educate or implement special projects or programs.


Child Friendly Activities

TFC Fitness activities are designed by the very same healthcare professionals that set TFC apart from everyone else, TFC Physical Therapists, and Exercise Science & Fitness Professionals!

In addition to our sports specific programs we exercise events surrounding the school year such as, kids Zumbatonic, family swim events, inflatable activity days, etc. This approach allows for the child to transition into a structured habit of exercise paving the way for a healthy lifestyle. 
Our programs focus on the development of the individual with not only technical skills but individual development through participation in sport and physical education.
Fit Kids

Our "fit kids" program is developed for children ages 5 to 12. "Fit Kids" is designed to assist the parents in guiding your child through physical activities that are both fun and educational. During these sessions our trained instructors challenge the children with various athletic skills observing for strengths and interests that indicate an aptitude toward a certain sport. This information is then used to formulate a training program tailored to that child.

Achieve broader goals in education and development with sports programs such as TFC Soccer Academy, Nationally renowned Doyle Baseball/Softball Academy, and WSI certified Swim Instruction. 

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