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Experience unrivaled access to a support system comprised
of licensed TFC Physical Therapist and Fitness Professionals

  • » Size Olympic Lap Pool
  • » Free supervised childcare
  • » Physical Therapy Clinic
  • » Free aerobic and aquatic classes
  • » Whirlpool Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Saunas
  • » Free Physical Therapy Screenings
  • » Free personal training consultation
  • » Weight room, Cardio Center, Pro-shops
  • » Unlimited facility access during operating hours
  • » Access to all three locations

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Corporate Wellness Program »

As you continue to search for ways to control the high costs of healthcare, consider a healthy tip
to improve your bottom line; Healthy employees help lower healthcare costs. Lets talk.

Our Concept

We at Total Fitness Connection have spent over ten years developing a total corporate wellness solution.  We call it the Workforce Strength Builder® program.  Most wellness programs only identify a company’s health problems, whereas, our program diagnosis treats, and continually reassess’s your workforce ensuring the lowest insurance and recordable rates resulting in one thing, COST SAVINGS!  We do this through a highly integrated system of HRA’s, Physical therapy, personal training, and comprehensive education and onsite interaction.  Wellness programs are no longer an option, let us share our years of development, experience, and expertise to make certain your wellness program actually makes a difference in your bottom line!  Contact us today!

Did you know?

  • People who are 20% overweight or more make 48% more claims in excess of $5000 than those who are not.
  • Smokers have 25% more hospital days and 29% more claims over $5000 than non-smokers.
  • 76% of deaths relate to lifestyle behaviors such as diet, smoking and alcohol abuse.
  • 70% of injuries and illnesses—and their related costs—can be prevented by improving lifestyle behavior.
  • About 20% of your plan participants typically account for as much as 80% of medical claimscosts.


Health risk assessments


We utilize a research backed HRA to assess your staff to identify any trends or issues they may have.  Our HRA has been developed by specialists and physicians at Vanderbilt University and has been extensively researched.  Whether you are looking for a comprehensive solution for your workforce or simply a replacement of a subpar HRA currently in use, we have your solution!  Contact us today!

Onsite Job description/ergonomic consultations


Our ergononomic and biomechanical response team are experts in assessing, identifying, and solving any onsite issues that may arise.  The assessments include ergononomic job site assessments with recommendations for solutions as well as general job descriptions to enhance pre work post offer screening as well as training.  These tools are also invaluable when communicating to offsite medical professionals in the modification of job duties as well as for return to work planning following time off. Let us work with you on the solution! 

Functional Capacity Evaluations

To ensure your staff member is ready for return to work, total fitness physical therapists perform functional capacity evaluations.  If the need is present our team prepares your staff for a return to work by progressively increasing their work specific activity under the safe supervision of our therapy staff.  Contact us for your return to work needs!

Comprehensive workforce intervention

Let total fitness connection custom tailor a comprehensive wellness and physical therapy package specifically for your company.  With this we integrate our vast experience in industrial rehabilitation, work conditioning, work hardening, and functional capacity evaluations with our personal training and fitness product and create a system with unparallel effectiveness resulting in a healthier more satisfied workforce.  

This combination along with the reduction in health issues and injury rates with your workforce results in one outcome, STAGGERING COST SAVINGS!  Let us partner with you for the long haul in implementing an effective solution that encompasses all of the components of a true wellness program focused on one thing, results!  If you are interested in incredible cost savings with outstanding workforce satisfaction, call us today! 

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