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Experience unrivaled access to a support system comprised
of licensed TFC Physical Therapist and Fitness Professionals

  • » Size Olympic Lap Pool
  • » Free supervised childcare
  • » Physical Therapy Clinic
  • » Free aerobic and aquatic classes
  • » Whirlpool Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Saunas
  • » Free Physical Therapy Screenings
  • » Free personal training consultation
  • » Weight room, Cardio Center, Pro-shops
  • » Unlimited facility access during operating hours
  • » Access to all three locations

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Corporate Wellness Program »

As you continue to search for ways to control the high costs of healthcare, consider a healthy tip
to improve your bottom line; Healthy employees help lower healthcare costs. Lets talk.

Personal Training

Our Personal training program is comparable to none.  Our trainers are developed “in house” through a scientifically controlled training program that prepares them to successfully work with you ensuring that they are equipped to safely quickly assist you in achieving your goals. TFC trainers utilize our specialized systems that are scientifically based taking into account human tendencies to ensure your maximal success!   We have designed these programs with YOU in mind, ensuring the lowest cost with proven maximal results!

Group Functional Training

Our results squared program combines the advantages of a traditional aerobics program with the scientific knowledge, motivation, and individual instruction provided by a personal trainer.  These classes are size limited and allow for specificity to your fitness level!  This allows the instructor to vary the program impeding your body’s ability to adapt therefore maximizing your fitness peak.  These classes are unique to each of the facilities, utilizing the specific amenities available while using the structure of a scientifically sound program developed by our professionals.  These classes change frequently allowing for variety in your exercise program!

Train to Achieve Program

These classes are Instructional with accountability whereby you are guided on you path to success.  Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight, train for a race, or just to get in shape, these classes take all the guesswork out of how to achieve allowing you to do one thing, your best!   A great example of this class is our train to lose program where are average attendee loses 60 pounds in 10 weeks!   

Results Squared Program

This unsurpassed program makes your goal ours and all but guarantees success in their achievement! In this program you can take advantage of both the group functional training along with the personal training to set goals, achieve them, and reset them again and again. In this program we utilize the scientific principal of periodization to maximize your fitness potential taking into account your life’s cycles. This program is what makes us a truly unique fitness and healthcare facility in serving your needs!   

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