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Our Concept

We at Total Fitness Connection first implemented our sports performance training programs in 1999.  We took the current evidence based knowledge regarding sports performance training and combined it with our knowledge of the human neurological and muscular systems as physical therapists and developed a system that to this day is unmatched.   Our system takes your athlete at any age and develops his or her abilities through sound consistent education and training resulting in safe rapid performance development.  This allows your athlete to ensure that no athletic potential go left untapped from a development standpoint while at the same developing the discipline and training knowledge that will serve them for life!


Professionals continually assessing your athlete and addressing their needs are what sets our program apart.  Each athlete is screened by a musculoskeletal expert and any current or potential issues are addressed.  The athlete is then put through a battery of tests to create before and after the program the results of which are documented reported to the athlete.  During the program each athlete is assessed for performance and given corrections to ensure that proper biomechanical habits are formed.   


Education begins immediately and is continual throughout the program.  Every athlete learns how to safely, correctly exercise utilizing state of the art equipment.   The knowledge they learn with this sets them at a different level that other athletes in that they get the most from effort they give in school and beyond with regards to physical performance.  Each athlete is also educated in nutrition and challenged to put into practice what they learn with each session, this accountability during their sessions maximizes the possibility of their continued compliance despite the many poor choices they have available.


Our training program consists of three divisions to accommodate the differing athlete’s needs.  Our core program is comprehensive for the complete athlete and consists of 5 days of integrated training addressing the whole athlete.  In this session we develop the strength of an athlete while at the same time developing the speed and agility so that they maximally control their newly developed skills.   We have also broken this session into two to accommodate in season athletes, components being addressed through certain high level sports, as well the clients finances. These programs consist of specialized speed and agility or strength training only, and have a reduced frequency and cost.  


Progression is the key to athletic success!  Our program is the key to making sure that TFC students are progressing properly as an athlete!  Each program we offer is based around a very specific progression ensuring advancement with your athletic development.  In addition we have three levels for the preteen athlete as well as three for the teenage athlete to ensure that they are continually challenged avoiding a stall in development.  Our instructors ensure that an athlete is safely and completely performing at an appropriate level prior to advancing them into the next level, thereby, maximizing gains and minimizing the possibility of injury or overuse syndromes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which of these sessions would be best for my child?
Due to the rapid growth and development an athlete goes through during their early years augmenting all the athletic components is best.  Therefore the 5 day program addressing both strength training as well as speed and agility with give them the optimal training and education during their critical development years..  

2. Isn’t speed and agility just like what coaches do at practices?
They are the same movements with a greatly different focus.  In taking our athletes through these drills we constantly analyze and correct each move ensuring they are performed biomechanically correct.  A coaching staff typically lacks the time or anatomy/biomechanical education to identify and address the tendency to develop bad habits.  This reduces the on field performance of these movements simply to exercise missing the specialized skill meant for the drill to train.  Learning and training these movements correctly will allow the athlete to excel on field when asked to perform these advanced movements by their coach significantly advancing their value to the team.    
3. Why are there set days and times for the sessions?
We have our programs set at specific intervals throughout the year to allow all athletes the opportunity begin the entry level program. The second and third tier programs are scheduled  according the athlete's specific season and schedule requirements. This allows the athlete to use what is known as “periodization” or adjusting the intensity and type of workout in relation to their competitive season.          
4. What can I do with my son/daughter about getting them to eat better? 
At the beginning of every 8 week session we discuss proper eating ideas and habits with the participants. Our coaches will then check with them during sessions whether or not they are being wise about their eating. Since nutrition is such a major role in making gains we do not want to see our athletes make minimal gains because they are making poor eating decisions.
5. Will just doing an 8 week session be all that my son/daughter needs to do?
Although a single session of sports enhancement is extremely beneficial, in order to continually progress their skills through their developmental years subsequent sessions are absolutely necessary. Each level teaches core components of the next that must be mastered in order to successfully perform and train the exercises at the next level. Therefore an athlete needs to complete all three levels to acheve mastery of all movements and then must continue to train these movements in a progressive fashion throughout the season to maintain peak performance for competition.
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