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Experience unrivaled access to a support system comprised
of licensed TFC Physical Therapist and Fitness Professionals

  • » Size Olympic Lap Pool
  • » Free supervised childcare
  • » Physical Therapy Clinic
  • » Free aerobic and aquatic classes
  • » Whirlpool Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Saunas
  • » Free Physical Therapy Screenings
  • » Free personal training consultation
  • » Weight room, Cardio Center, Pro-shops
  • » Unlimited facility access during operating hours
  • » Access to all three locations

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Corporate Wellness Program »

As you continue to search for ways to control the high costs of healthcare, consider a healthy tip
to improve your bottom line; Healthy employees help lower healthcare costs. Lets talk.

"Bridging the Gap"

Our innovative concept integrates healthcare and fitness in an unprecedented way! We have 10 years of experience in integrating healthcare and fitness that focuses on much more than simply treating an injury or changing your appearance! We address the process of ageing and injury to allow anyone to safely continue or begin a critically needed health and fitness program. We train our professionals beyond that of their traditional, respective education to assist our clients in transitioning between various states of health and injury and back again ensuring continual maximal health achievement!

Our Expertise

We specialize in Orthopedic and Neurological Rehabilitation, Biomechanical Analysis, Joint Bracing and Taping, Sports Medicine, Industrial Rehabilitation, Job Site Analysis, FCEs, Injury Prevention Training, Wellness Programs, Total Joint Replacement, Fibromyalgia, Hand Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Spinal Mobilization, Orthotic Fabrication, as well as Medical Referral Recommendations and Screening.


Comprehensive neck and back care: including manual therapy, lifting technique training, back  and neck protection principles, pain control modalities, and customized exercise programs. 

Arthritis: upper and lower extremity arthritis care consisting of education in joint protection principals and home exercise instruction. 
Shoulder pain: detailed musculoskeletal examination to pinpoint the physiological origin of the problem with construction of a highly customized treatment approach targeting these findings.
Foot pain: biomechanical analysis of the foot during weight bearing assists in treatment planning. Orthotics are available for pronation-related syndromes if indicated. 
Knee pain: traumatic injuries or chronic pain conditions are treated following thorough assessment and determination of underlying causes of pain. 
Hip and pelvic dysfunction: Traumatic falls or pre and post partum laxity are treated with gentle mobilization and muscle strengthening to provide long term relief. 
Traumatic hand and elbow injury: utilizing modalities, manual, and exercise techniques we address comprehensive hand and elbow disorders. 
Aquatic Therapy: Back pain, joint replacements, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. Many patients benefit greatly from one on one aquatic rehabilitation in an unweighted environment. 
Sports Physical Therapy: We utilize protective taping techniques and a dynamic progression of return to sports to ensure a complete recovery and full return to athletics following injury. 
Industrial rehabilitation: We focus on the employees injury as well as the job to ensure re-injury does not occur.
Meet the Team "Bridge builders"

Our Rehabilitation team is unique in the level of training and focus we have. Its consists of Licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistants, Exercise Scientist’s, Certified Personal Trainers, Certified athletic Trainers, and certified Sports Instructors. Our team members are specifically chosen, demonstrating a sprit and passion for service to our clients. Further, upon being admitted to our team, they are trained specifically in regards to the focus of TRANSITION healthcare and fitness. I.E. they are trained to serve you in YOUR specific needs at the time allowing you to continually improve your health!

what’s next

Your physical therapy is complete, so what’s next? You have been here “exercising” 2-3 hours per week on a consistent basis as set by your therapist. You have also been performing 1-2 hours of home exercise per week to achieve your PT goals. Now is your time to take those 3-5 hours you have found and invest it into your health.

We’ve got you covered

Our insurance and billing specialist’s are experts in assisting you in the process of billing your medical insurance. We utilize the “direct access” billing model to provide care to our clients and have expertise in determining your specific insurance requirements with regards to physical therapy treatment. When necessary, our specialists work with your Doctor’s office in obtaining all documentation required for maximizing your insurance payments. We accept most insurance’s as well as workers compensation and auto insurance as forms of payments. Our team is also experts at maximizing your treatments while minimizing your cost in the event you do not have insurance coverage! No matter the situation, we’ll solve it ensuring your complete recovery and progress on your road to health!

Aquatic Therapy

We specialize in Aquatic Therapy

Benefits of Aquatics Exercise:
1. Increased range of motion due to water’s buoyancy 
2. Unloading of joints reduces difficulty 
3. Muscle relaxation leading to pain relief
4. Improvement of power, endurance, and stability
Pain relieving viscosity and warmth of water provides an excellent source of resistance, assistance, and joint support.
Water exerts equal pressure on all body parts of the body that are immersed in it. This allows an unstable person to hold and maintain an upright position and improves circulation.
The density of water provides resistance to movements that would be more easily accomplished outside the water environment.
Decreased loading reduces discomfort of the joints.


A/C Separation 
A/C sprains 
ACL strain/tears 
Adhesive capsulitis  
Ankle sprains  
Bells palsy 
Brachial plexus injuries 
Carpal tunnel  
Cervical Arthritis (spondylosis) 
Cervical disk herniation/derangement Cervical facet syndrome 
Chronic ankle instability 
Dequervain’s syndrome 
Dupuytren’s contracture 
Elbow strains 
Head aches  
Hyperhydrosis hands/feet 
Lateral epicondylitis 
Lumbar disk herniation/Derangement 
Lumbar facet syndrome  
Medial epicondylitis 
Myofascial Pain  
Morton’s neuroma 
Olecranon bursitis  
Peripheral nerve entrapments 
Pronator syndrome  
Rotator cuff strain/tears  
Sacroiliac sprain/strain 
Sacroiliac dysfunction 
Balance and proprioception training 
Myofascial release/therapeutic massage 
Therapeutic bracing and taping 
Postural reeducation 
Biofeedback with computerized reports 
Custom molded orthotics 
Shin splints  
Shoulder bursitis  
Shoulder Dislocation 
Shoulder impingement   
Snapping tendons 
Supinator syndrome  
Thoracic nerve, muscle, and disk injuries 
Thoracic outlet syndrome 
Thoracic spinal facet syndrome 
Urinary incontinence 
Whiplash (cervical sprain/strain) 
Piriformis syndrome 
Lumbopelvic muscle and joint injuries 
IT band syndrome 
Patellofemoral pain syndrome 
MCL & LCL strain/tears 
Meniscal injuries 
Peripheral and spinal DJD 
Plantar fascitis 
All tendonitis/tendonosis 
All muscle strains/tears 
Flat feet (Orthotics) 
Balance and proprioception deficits 
All repetitive stress injuries 
Iontophoresis (Dexamethasone on site to be used with your request for inflammation.  All other med will require a specific prescription for the meds.) 
Electrical Stimulation 
Cervical traction 
Lumbar traction 
Aquatic therapy 
Joint mobilization 
Specifically targeted therapeutic exercise
Note:  This is a general list.  If you have any specific questions as to whether physical therapy would be beneficial for a particular condition please feel free to call anytime at 781-1151.
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